Species Interaction Data Group


Species interaction is a concern in Biology and either in other areas, like Agriculture. Despite many efforts to collect and share species interaction data, its lacks a data standard which allows universally exchange of data and information. Therefore, the goal of this Interest Group is to discuss and formalize biodiversity interaction data aiming at developing a data standard under the Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) umbrella.

After a meeting held during the TDWG Conference in Costa Rica, on the 6/Dec/2016, this group was proposed and presented to the TDWG community at the closing session. Since it is not yet a formal TDWG group we will work under this BioComp-USP GitHub repository, and we will move to TDWG repository as soon as we have an Interest Group on Interaction Data approved by the TDWG exec.

Planned steps

  1. Collect information of available resources about species interaction data, creating a list and providing a detailed description of funcionalities, advantages and disadvantages of each resource.
  2. Share bibliography references (articles, reports, documents etc.) between collaborators to enrich discussions and promote a standarization of species data.
  3. Create a data standard for species interaction.

How to contribute

You can use the GitHub issues to contribute with amendment (including modifications in this text) or starting relevant discussion topics. To create an issue click on green large button at right top “New Issue”, or open a existing issue to contribute within the discussion.

A mailing list resource will be provided soon. Meanwhile, click in “Watch” and select “Watching” to be notified of all conversations.

Participation is open to all interested parties.


Notes from TDWG meeting at Costa Rica on 2015-12-06

List of resources of interest on Interaction Data

Shared References *External (Zotero.org)